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2015.08 – ZAGAT

THE 10 BEST THINGS TO EAT FOR UNDER $10 IN SEATTLE - "Forget all those other Toshi’s signs around the city — this address holds the real deal. His name is Toshi Kasahara and he’s the man responsible for beginning Seattle’s love affair with teriyaki in 1976 [...]

2016.06 – THRILLIST

SEATTLE'S 17 MOST IMPORTANT RESTAURANTS - "This is the chicken that started it all, and launched what The New York Times called the city’s specialty. After starting his original teriyaki spot in 1976, Toshi Kasahara’s chicken recipe gained a kind of iconic status throughout the city [...]

2012.07 – New York Mag

THE URBANIST’S SEATTLE: WHERE TO EAT - "Teriyaki restaurants are ubiquitous in Seattle. Toshi’s is the original. His sauce is simple—just sugar, soy sauce, ginger, and garlic—and he’s best known for his chicken, though you can also do beef [...]

2012.01 – Seattle Met

SEATTLE'S BEST CHEAP EATS - "His name is Toshihiro Kasahara, he gave Seattle its first teriyaki joint in 1976, he addicted the city, he franchised the concept, he triggered a trillion competitors and in 2003 he disappeared from the business. Since December the man that invented Seattle’s signature fast food is back [...]

2008.12 – Seattle Met

THE RESTAURANTS THAT CHANGED THE WAY WE EAT: FIRST TO ESTABLISH SEATTLE'S SIGNATURE FAST FOOD - "His name was Toshihiro Kasahara, and the business he launched after emigrating from Japan would ignite a culinary wildfire fed by soy, sugar, and a whole mess of grilled chicken [...]

2007.08 – Seattle Weekly

HOW TERIYAKI BECAME SEATTLE'S OWN FAST-FOOD PHENOMENON - "On March 2, 1976, Kasahara opened Toshi's Teriyaki Restaurant at 372 Roy St., on Lower Queen Anne. It had 30 seats and five menu items: teriyaki chicken, teriyaki beef, and tori udon [...]

1986 – KIRO 7

KIRO 7's "Unknown Eater" goes on a long hunt to find Toshi and finally tracks him down in Lynnwood.

1983 – KOMO 4

KOMO 4's Steve Pool pays a visit to Toshi's Teriyaki for his evening series "Night Spot".

1981 – KOMO 4

KOMO 4's Dick Foley dines in at the original Toshi's Teriyaki restaurant near the Seattle Center and gives his review.

1979 – KIRO 7

KIRO 7 reviews Toshi's first take-out style restaurant in Greenlake.